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Chairman letter to members July 2017

Dear LNF Members,

Since our last Forum meeting, various issues have been brought to my attention as chairman.

The most important being traffic and road markings, followed by the grave concern of many people of the illegal parking of vehicles deposited in fields in Langley, by a company running a business out of Heathrow Airport.

Shin LNF secretary and I have been very pro-active alerting the local authorities, both SBC and South Bucks of the illegal parking, both authorities have taken action. We have also visited the sites and made our own observations known. If any member has anything they wish to add to our findings, please let us know.

You may send in your questions and comments to

Enjoy the rest of the summer

Eleanor Cryer MBE Chairman LNF

Langley Neighbourhood Forum
Giving local people a voice


Chairman letter to members Feb 2017

You may be pleased to know that the LNF has invited the CEO of Slough Council, Roger Parkin, to the next meeting.

In February, the Langley Neighbourhood Forum along with other local groups met with MP’s;  Fiona Mactaggart (Slough) and Dominic Grieve (Beaconsfield) for discussions regarding the permanent closure of Chequers Bridge, among other things it was resolved, they meet Chris Grayling, Secretary of State for Transport, to ensure a joined-up approach to future engineering projects earmarked for the vicinity, in order to ensure the continuance of a through route North-South on the Eastern fringe of Langley and thus Western fringe of Iver/Richings Park.

You may send in your questions and comments in advance of the Forum to

Langley Neighbourhood Forum would also welcome suggestions for topics of interest to the people of Langley which may be a subject for a public Forum meeting.

Langley Neighbourhood Forum
Giving local people a voice


Chairman letter to members October, 17th 2016

Dear Langley Neighbourhood Members

This evening I made the presentation to the Slough Borough Council Cabinet asking for Market Lane bridge to be re-opened on 2nd November, that of course was not accepted. The best result we could get was the closure would be for 6 months From 2nd August 2016 until 2nd February 2017.

I was allowed to present your case in 2 minutes, that was achieved and I trust I was able to convey the main points you specified.

The committee will continue to translate your needs and wishes.

Thank you for your continued support

Sincerely – Eleanor Cryer MBE

Chairman LNF


Chairman letter to members October, 12th 2016

Dear Members of LNF

Message sent by Eleanor Cryer MBE
(Chairman Langley Neighbourhood Forum)

Thank all of you members of LNF who attended the Forum Meeting on Tuesday evening. It was a show of solidarity. There were over 100 people in attendance.
As your chairman, I have asked for a slot at the Cabinet Meeting at SBC on Monday evening to convey your messages and your concerns regarding traffic issues in Langley. The cabinet members are elected members and council officers. To date the request has not been confirmed, I will keep you updated.

At the Forum meeting matters regarding the change of bus routes were discussed. As the bus companies are private companies SBC do not have any control. Never the less we at LNF will go further and try to meet with the directors of the bus companies to share your concerns.

At the end of the Forum meeting a member of LNF, he does not wish to be identified. He said and I quote “The bus routes were designed on a computer in Southampton by someone who had not even visited Langley” We will seek to have the information either confirmed or rejected. If that is the case, we could ask the bus companies to reconsider the routes because we are aware of the demographics of Langley and possibly their planners are not.

Thank you for your support, we are here as always working with you to help make Langley a better place in which to live.

Eleanor Cryer MBE
Chairman Langley Neighbourhood Forum

12th October 2016

Langley Neighbourhood Forum
Giving local people a voice

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