Forum Meetings

Minutes of Langley Neighbourhood Forum Meeting at East Berkshire College on Tuesday 19th February 2019

The Spring Meeting of Langley Neighbourhood Forum took place on 19th February 2019.

The Vice-Chairman of the Forum, Mrs E Jones, announced that regrettably, due to a misunderstanding, the intended speaker, Superintendent Sarah Grahame of Thames Valley Police, was unable to attend the Forum meeting.  She had promised to send her deputy in her place. In the event he was unable to arrive in time to speak.

The Minutes of the previous AGM of 16th October 2018 were adopted.

The Chair, Mrs E Cryer, announced that she had arranged for the speaker at the AGM on 25th June to be Mr Rob Deeks of an organisation called Aik Saath, which is concerned to make provision for young people in Slough.

The following issues were raised in discussion:

  1. Slough Borough Council proposed to widen the A4 London Road between Junction 5 of the M4 and Brands Hill.
  2. Heathrow Airport were undertaking a consultation exercise on amendments to flight paths with the intention of reducing the impact on those residing in the vicinity. This would apply whether or not the 3rd Runway went ahead.
  3. Concern was expressed about the pollution caused by fumes from cars waiting outside schools to drop off and pick up children.
  4. There was a need for activities for young people in Langley. There was no youth club for them. Slough Mencap had undertaken training for young people for 40 years. Young people had been very willing to assist at Slough Mencap activities.
  5. Concern was expressed about a group who had stayed in Harrow Road. The Police were taking action.
  6. Concern was expressed about cars being parked on Lynwood Avenue and Willoughby Road making it very difficult to drive along them or for residents to have access. Slough BC were introducing a consultation on the possibility of making Lynwood Avenue one way with the possibility of Hempson Avenue being one way in the opposite direction.
  7. Complaints were made about charges that Slough BC imposed for hiring facilities, eg Langley Pavilion. It would be better to have reduced charges and use made of the facilities then to have them empty.
  8. Ms Halima Hussain of Slough BC explained that she was setting up a project to work in partnership with local neighbourhoods to identify what they want to be provided.

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