Harrow Market & 20mph Zone

Redesign of the Harrow Market roundabout & 20mph Zone

New road layout is unsatisfactory in terms of how drivers have to align their vehicles to negotiate the bends, roundabout and speed cushions.
The residents have the following issues:
Any bus stopping in the bus stop lay-by on Langley Rd causes an obstruction with tailbacks onto the High street, there is no way to overtake it.
The bus stop marked on Iver Road has sign for ‘bus-stop’ 40m further along the road towards East Berkshire College mounted on a lamp-post – where is the bus stop supposed to be? If it is at lamp-post then it is not a 2 lane carriageway so there cannot be overtaking and a tail back will occur plus cars will not be able to access the car park turning.
New car park layout in Harrow Market is not appropriate for disabled drivers – the dropped kerbs are at each end of the parking row which means they have to travel some distance by wheel chair or foot to access the shops.
The disabled bays outside Budgens require a disabled driver to reverse out against a line of parked cars at the rear of their vehicles – anyone with limited mobility will find this awkward.
Disabled spaces are attracting even more non-disabled drivers to park in them
Car park plans that were publicised and circulated have not been adhered to – there are less spaces than promised and the layout has not changed the orientation to diagonals.
Signage is non-existent and drivers are not following new layout.
The zebra crossing is not lit – the street light is still not working – the only light is from crossing beacons which is wholly inadequate.

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