Current Issues

Market Lane, Chequers Bridge Update

Good News! The bridge re-opened on 31st Jan 2017.

Slough Council have advised LNF that the bridge will now only close in the event of the railway projects closing for their purposes, and no more closures will occur as a result of an experimental order or for traffic counting.

We believe this was only half the battle to get the council to open the bridge, there are clear provisions for an alternative bridge and now this is the next phase that we, and no doubt our ward Councillors, will are fighting for. We need to keep up the pressure for an alternative bridge before the railway projects actually happen.

Some good news, for now, we are convinced that we’ve managed to secure this reopening through the perseverance of the Langley Neighbourhood members and residents and the collective efforts of the community organisations.

We now need to continue to work towards a replacement crossing for the people of Langley.

Traffic on Langley Road

Spencer Road in Langley has been closed from 13th February for five months so works can take place for the housing development on Langley Road and the details can be found on the council’s  website … The additional air pollution due to large numbers of slow-moving vehicles in the centre of Langley is considerable but gets no mention in the announcements from the Council.

What will happen if the Station Road railway bridge has to be closed due to its regular flooding or because a high-speed vehicle hits the bridge? Will traffic be diverted via St Mary’s Road and Middle Green? The Council has meanwhile decided to try to improve the flooding situation at the Station Road bridge, but this will require single file traffic controlled by traffic lights. This will presumably lead to a considerable tail back down Station Road.

Other areas of concern for the Forum are:

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