Langley Forum 

“For the people of Langley By the people of Langley”

The Aims of the Forum are:

  • To improve communication between the public in Langley and Statutory bodies, concerning matters of public interest such as health, transport, education, waste recycling etc.
  • To consider ways in which the area of Langley can be improved e.g. children’s facilities, pedestrian crossings etc
  • To focus awareness on problem areas such as litter, vandalism and theft
  • To provide a forum for the members of the public to voice their concerns
  • To celebrate what is good about Langley


Liz Jones (Chair), Peter Dopson (Secretary), Eleanor Cryer (Vice Chair), Linda Dopson (Treasurer), Bill Birmingham, Juliet Grayson, Sheila Papali, Shin Dhother, John Love, Halima Hussain.

If you wish to become a member of Langley Neighbourhood Forum, please contact the secretary, the membership is for life and costs just £1.00 per person.

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